What is AcuLife?

A new technology for providing pain relief and improving the overall quality of life for your horses. Our technology accomplishes this by working with your horse's body, not against it.

You are concerned about the health and well-being of your horses. Now you can reduce your horses' pain and inflammation in a safe and all-natural way.

This is how your horse's body is supposed to function, both now and all through its life.

Would you want choose to improve the quality of life for your horse? Would you give it less pain? We know that you care about the well-being of your horse. What if there was a way to relieve its pain without harsh drugs? Now there is.

Introducing AcuLife

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Imagine rapid, drug-free pain relief for your horse:

  • Safe and natural pain relief
  • Can be used for whole body and localised pain
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Reduces inflammation

Exclusive non-transdermal patch system utilizes new technology to gently stimulate acupressure points – literally improving the flow of energy in your horse’s body for improvement of pain and discomfort, within minutes of use!*

AcuLife is a patch for your horse that you can get without a veterinary prescription. It’s also an easy to use product - anyone can use AcuLife to provide pain relief for their horse!

*DeRock, L., Clark, D. & Nazeran, H. (2011) Infrared thermal imaging quantifies the ecacy of IceWave patches in musculoskeletal pain relief in horses. Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, 30(1), 17-26.